Daily practice: Evening flow - Restore, rebalance mind and body

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This class is a relaxing, gentle flow with a focus on unwinding from the day and connecting within.

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Patra Lam5 years ago

Clear instructions with giving options so for those who wants to have deeper stretch can go ahead to do it. Great demonstration and easy to follow

Ann Healey4 years ago

Great class after a long day at work - I've missed Pure Yoga instructors. Feel like I'm back in Singapore and not in a cold London! Thanks guys

Maryam Ali3 years ago

Thanks for this video! It helped to calm down my mind and nervous system. Best recommended to do daily and does not matter how late your day ends when you plan to practise this flow.

Shay3 years ago

A gentle flow class to practice before sleep. Instructor's voice is very gentle and relaxing, and beautiful sequence. Loved it! Namaste

Lucy Wood2 years ago

Really enjoyed this - I’m travelling and can’t get to the studio so it was perfect - thankyou!

Ng Amy1 year ago

Very nice and calming postures, and very clear instructions from Tania so it is easy to follow without looking at the screen every second. Thanks for the video!

marie prevot1 year ago

superb flow for end of the day! thank you

Andrea Fraser1 year ago

I loved this. Thank you!